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The Guest House

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The modern-meets-rustic shipping container guest house is generously set back from the County road, and allows guests more privacy than B&Bs occupying a single dwelling.  Situated in a natural meadow, guests are surrounded by nature and pastoral views.  You may rent a room (or three) including breakfast OR rent the whole Guest House for a private stay.

guest room in shipping container

Comprised of four containers (three individual guest "Sweets" and a shared kitchenette), the owner's vision of a "pinwheel" layout is connected by decking and an open, pergola-like roof, and centered around a garden in the courtyard.

courtyard in shipping container guest house

The kitchenette container is where a locally- sourced, homemade breakfast is laid out for guests daily. While there are no cooking facilities for the guests, they are welcome to congregate there, and use the fridge, table/glassware, etc. if they wish.

kitchenette in shipping container guest house
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